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Hey everyone, here’s an idea we wanted to throw out there: Podcasts do a great job connecting people through shared emotion and interests, but have a hard time capturing (and connecting) that community in real life. People are social creatures. And given that podcasts don’t lend themselves to face to face interactions, we wanted to create an opportunity to take the headphones off and step away from a screen for an hour or two to do something social. A lot of you have similar interests in the topics we cover on Barely Conscious, and we think it would be really cool for you to meet one another in person. If this is something you’re interested in trying, you can sign up for the Barely Conscious Mass meet-up on Saturday May 18th. If enough people sign up near you, we’ll organize a meet-up for you all. The more people who register, the greater the probability of a meet-up taking place in your area, so please share this link to get the word out! 
Here is the link, please check it out  :

Barely Conscious Podcast Episode #49 – “17 Year Separation” feat. Rich Merlino

Barely Conscious Podcast Episode #49 – “17 Year Separation” feat. Rich Merlino

This is 1999.

In this episode, Justin catches up with former bandmate Rich Merlino. They reminisce about being in a band and then discuss how Rich built a successful real estate business from the ground up while going through everyday life without wearing shoes. 


Not the carnage one would imagine.

Bolshoi Arches

Oceans Ate Alaska is our band of the week.

Rich wants you to go here if you live in Massachusetts

— JA