BCP Episode #39 – Cryptomania! feat Zack Deneen

BCP Episode #39 – Cryptomania! feat Zack Deneen

In this episode, Justin and Zack talk about their poker game with Kevin Hart and Zack’s recent success in the cryptocurrency market.

No gambol, no future?

How good is he?

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Kevin Hart and his friend Harry can now invest in some Bitcoin after their recent stop at Mohegan Sun.

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BCP Episode #35 – “Three Questions” feat. Christine Little

BCP Episode #35 – “Three Questions” feat. Christine Little

Slice makes himself at home

In this episode, Justin makes some changes to the show after receiving a critical email from a fellow podcaster. Pete, Slice, and Ryan come into the studio and we gamble on the potential answers to three pre-selected questions that call in guests Johnny Verbose, Z Vessels and DJ Scotty Dog will give. Then, Justin Interviews comedian Christine Little about her life growing up in Indiana and moving to Los Angeles to do stand-up.

Christine Little

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Blown OUT

Socks and slacks

How many people of 50,000 would remain if you had to substitute for Katy Perry with no explanation to the crowd for an entire 90 min headlining set?

How many would be left after you sang “Firework” in this outfit?

Vegan Spiders and Double Dribble

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