Barely Conscious Podcast #19 feat. Manika

Barely Conscious Podcast #19 feat. Manika 

Manika in Las Vegas

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This this episode, Justin talks to singer/tv host Manika about touring with One Direction, Snapchat frustrations, and collaborating with rapper TYGA. Justin also answers some email, reviews Billy On The Street, and shows some long overdue love to the band He Is Legend.

The first single-name guest on BCP.


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Manika here. 

Billy On the Street here. 

Jesus Christ!








and He Is Legend here.

He Is Legend

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Barely Conscious Podcast Episode #3 – Andrew Satan


In this episode of BCP Justin breaks down a Misha Mansoor guitar solo on the Latest Periphery album : Select Difficulty. Then, we have a chat with Andrew Satan about being a kid in Russia, Donald Trump nuking whoever he wants, Smurf Core, and what makes for a good comedian.

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Andrew’s bands of choice :  Deathgrips and Deafheaven