Her  American Psycho  It Hates You  Men At Work  Book of Mormon

No Country for Old Men  Religulous  Periphery II   Django Unchained

There Will Be Blood   Skyfall   Argo  Street Dogs of South Central

Looper   The Master  Rocky IV  You Are Now Less Dumb   Free Will

Nathan For You   Silicon Valley    Cosmos   Guardians of the Galaxy

Prometheus    Adam Carolla Show   Gone Girl    The Walking Dead

Nightcrawler   Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways   It Follows  10 Cloverfield Lane

Ex Machina       Wait But Why     Good Tiger   The Big Short

Louis C.K. 2017


Wolf Of Wall Street    Blindness

Dredd   The Hunger Games  The Gambler

The Power of Now    Gamer    Boyhood    Life


Parenting in 2014    Best Music Videos    9/11/2001    The G.A.S. Index

Steven Hawking Response      2012 Presidential Election

Band Role Assigner   The New Pope!    Zero Fucks    LeBron’s Return to Cleveland

Onus / 5 New Rules for Debates and Discussions      The Arousal Gap

Generation H       Fields R Us     Death is Confusing       The Evolution of Online Dating

The Attractiveness of Simplicity


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