BCP Episode #44 : “Can We Know Too Much?” feat David McRaney

BCP Episode #44 : “Can We Know Too Much?” feat David McRaney

In this episode, Justin speaks with “You Are Not So Smart” Author and Podcast Host David McRaney about if we can reach a saturation point of actually knowing too much about how our own brains work. Can ignorance of cognitive biases actually yield greater happiness? Will Artificial Super Intelligence in the future have unavoidable biases as well? We find answers !

David McRaney is not so pessimistic.

Get to know yourself – and you might want to buckle up.

David has written a useful operators manual for your mind.

You can buy his stuff and read about David HERE 

We all need a lot of help.

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BCP Episode #43 – Globetrotting feat. Tyler Smith

In this Episode, Justin interviews professional basketball player Tyler Smith. Tyler has written a book – “Called For Travelling”, about his nomadic journey from Penn State, to Uruguay, to Japan, to the NBA and everywhere in between.

Tyler is pretty honest about himself in this book.

Thanks Getty… we got it.

You can get Tyler Smith’s book HERE

Sometimes it takes an adam’s apple tattoo to cover a Third Eye Blind song properly.

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