Argo (2012 film)

I can direct the balls out of myself.

Argo is exactly what it’s been hyped up to be : a good movie. Is it one of my favorite movies of all time? No. Is it fun to watch? Nope. Actually, it was kind of stressful most of the time, and not the kind of escapist cinematic experience most movie goers seek out. But, the bottom line is that Ben Affleck did a terrific job in directing and starring in the retelling of this harrowing true story(recently declassified from the Iran hostage crisis of the early 1980’s). The casting and acting were solid across the board. Especially, for the hostile Iranian militant characters. I was genuinely terrified of them. But, I’m kind of a pussy, so I’m not sure how much the provocation of my fear is a true indicator of quality acting. So this review is kind of useless, since I’m basically just affirming what most other critics have already been saying.

If the Iranian tourism industry was suffering before this movie was released…..

Even though you probably already know that everyone makes it out alive, it doesn’t detract much from the overwhelming tension that is palpably infused from start to finish. And if you didn’t already know that… Then, retroactive spoiler alert, motherfucker!

You’ve come a long way, baby!

This movie is a really interesting and compelling story, and was delivered to the audience in a very engaging and effective manner. You’re all grown up now Ben. So, belated Mazel Tov!

Overall Rating : 8.8/10

      –  JA