What is Barely Conscious ?

Barely Conscious is a review blog that was started on Sept 9th, 2012 by Justin Adams. Justin also hosts the Barely Conscious podcast over on iTunes. Justin is a writer for the blog as well as editor for other articles that are published. Please send all submissions for posting to Justin at barelyconsciousblog@gmail.com or follow @bcjadams on Twitter and bc_jadams on Instagram.

Justin Adams sees himself and humanity as having barely achieved consciousness. Join he and his guests as they try to make sense of the world we live in – from serious issues and headlines, to the offbeat and outright unusual.

Each episode of Barely Conscious features a special guest ready to engage on a mix of topics through the lens of his or her own unique experiences. It’s spontaneous, uncensored and always in the moment.

Barely Conscious is available for download and streaming on iTunes and at www.barelyconscious.com.

About Justin Adams

Justin Adams is a professional poker player and real estate investor. A graduate of Franklin & Marshall College with a B.A. in Sociology, Justin brings a fascination with people, culture and current events to each of his interviews.

Writing is HARD.

Writing is HARD.

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Sunbeams are easy.

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