Best Music Videos (you probably haven’t seen before)

I love lists. The internet loves lists. I have a blog on the internet. Let’s do this…..

“False Alarm” – by The Bronx

Such a raw song, and the video captures their spirit perfectly. The only background info you need to know about this band is that the drummer’s twitter profile pic prominently displays his testicles.

“Smooth Up In Ya” – by BulletBoys

I want T-Shirts of all the cartoons in this. Also, I realize how much Marq Torien (lead vox) was trying to channel Diamond Dave, but it worked out nicely for one sweet song. This is such a great groove.

“Never There” – by Cake

No words. Just watch. You’re welcome.

“Stop” – by Jane’s Addiction

The pants. The Twin Towers. The puppetry. The strangely pale chest of Perry Farrell who is a southern California surfer. “One come a day the water will run, no man will stand for things that he had done. Hurrah. And the water will run. And we will run.”

“Scared” – by Dangerous Toys

Okay, so the song is better than the video. Still worth watching, or at least from the 2:24 mark onward. Jason McMaster has the best belt buckles in the biz.

“Key To Gramercy Park” – by Deadsy

I shit my cortex the first time I saw this. Just awesome.

“I’m Broken” – by Pantera

Somehow this band made a rehearsal space performance video compelling. No crowds. No fancy outfits or pyrotechnics. Just a cement walled room and some sweaty southern metal. Perfect for this song and this band.

“Decadence Dance” – by Extreme

I think it would have been fun to be the director for this video, and at the end of the day tell the guys : “I’m just not getting enough energy from your performance”, and that we’d need to reshoot everything. Also, I’d like to highlight Gary Cherone’s interpretation of “decadence dancing” at 0:35.

“The Crimson” – by Atreyu

I was obsessed with this album. I guess I’m a kid at heart.

“Sativa” – by The Body Rampant

Definitely the worst band name, song title, and music video on the list. I guess I just like this song too much.

“Dig” – by Mudvayne

This is ridiculous. I mean, the drummer forgot to take off his business socks.

“Blind” – by KoRn

Okay, so you’ve probably already seen this video. It’s still mesmerizing.

“The Seduction” – by He Is Legend

This video isn’t all that great. They just happen to be my favorite band and I wanted to show love.

“Planning A Prison Break” – by The Receiving End of Sirens

Great song. Great band.

“Icarus Lives!” – by Periphery

I can’t see very much in this video. But, whatever I could make out, got me wet.

 – JA