Silicon Valley (TV series)

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Mike Judge is fantastic at writing characters who perfectly capture the social dynamics of the American workplace. Between Office Space and Silicon Valley, he has directly tapped into whatever is at the marrow of my funny bone. Who could forget Bill Lumbergh and Michael Bolton?

I'm gonna have to ask you to define "PC load letter"

I’m gonna have to ask you to define “PC load letter”

It’s been fifteen years, and that movie still slays me. I probably just need to get out more.

Thomas Middleditch is well cast as Richard – an awkward coder who is forced to transition to becoming CEO of a major company overnight. T.J. Miller plays Erlich, and does a fine job playing an exaggerated version of himself. His “conquistador” facial hair styling defines his character precisely.  Amanda Crew plays Monica, and does a solid job. I only know her from “Sex Drive”(2008), but she seems to fit in well with this cast. The real reason I mention her character is more because I’d like to generate greater web traffic by putting up  this picture below :

thanks for the help Amanda!

thanks for the help Amanda!

But, by far my favorite character is Gilfoyle (Martin Starr). His lines are delivered with a snide monotone where he annihilates the people that surround him via quick sarcasm delivered with hyper efficiency. The four episodes I’ve seen have resulted in me watching each episode twice. The second time through is just to relive the Gilfoyle quotes that will resonate with me for a few weeks. This show is off to a superb start. I love and relate to the plot/characters. The show has been picked up for a second season already and I couldn’t be more excited!

Overall Rating :  9.1/10

– JA

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